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DIAMOND PENTAWARD 2014 – BEST OF THE SHOW – evian – Group Danone

DIAMOND PENTAWARD 2014 – BEST OF THE SHOW – evian – Group Danone

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Brand: evian - Pure Drop

Designed by Grand Angle Design: Frédéric Brasse
Entrant: evian - Group Danone
Country: FRANCE

It is very hard to reinvent yourself in the mineral water sector when you cannot change the product itself. Therefore innovations relate to three areas: format, packaging design or distribution methods. Rarely all three at once. By inventing "The Drop" evian achieved the feat of bringing innovation to all three, with the extra bonus of riding the wave of nomadism and connectivity. The Drop is available in Paris, London and Geneva exclusively, and is being sold in the street by appealing three-wheelers, in shops, spas, newsstands and in partnership with exclusive brands (Dessange, Velib, Segafredo, Hilton, Lindt, ...). The Drop design has the same capacity as a glass of water (20cl) and aims to create a new ritual of consumption: I'm thirsty, I grab a Drop, I open the lid, I drink, I collapse it with one hand and I drop the package in the recycle bin. Where can the Drop be found? Just twitter #evianjaisoif to see the nearest point of sale. The Evian Drop is a breakthrough, minimalist design that is modern, organic and chic. It is therefore only natural that the international Pentawards jury has awarded the one and only Diamond Pentaward 2014 to the EVIAN DROP.

In addition to the Diamond Pentaward trophy, Danone received a copy of the Esko Suite 14 software worth €5,000, an amazing programme for design and visualization, specially created for high performance packaging.