A. Beverages

A.01 Water
A.02 Soft drinks, juices
A.03 Tea and coffee - RTD - ready-to-drink
A.04 Tea & coffee - dry and capsules
A.05 Functional beverages
A.06 Beer
A.07 Ciders and low-alcohol drinks
A.08 Wine
A.09 Wine in bag in box
A.10 Spirits
A.11 Limited editions, limited series, event creations.
A.12 Distributors'/Retailers' own brands/Private labels
A.13 Conceptual work (Beverages)

B. Food

B.01 Cereals (cereals, bread, pasta, soya, rice, noodles, dried pulses etc.)
B.02 Dairy or soya-based products (milk, chocolate-flavoured drinks, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, butter, margarine, etc.).
B.03 Spices, oils and sauces (oil, vinegar, mayonnaise, mustard, spices, sauces etc.)
B.04 Fish, meat, poultry (fresh, deep-frozen, dried or canned)
B.05 Fruit and vegetables (fresh, deep-frozen, dried or canned)
B.06 Soups, ready-to-eat dishes, fast food (fresh, deep-frozen, dry or canned)
B.07 Confectionery and sweet snacks
B.08 Savoury snacks
B.09 Pastry, biscuits, ice-cream, desserts, honey, sugar...
B.10 Food trends (diet, weight control, health food, organic, fair trade etc.)
B.11 Limited editions, limited series, event creations.
B.12 Distributors'/Retailers' own brands/Private labels
B.13 Conceptual work (Food)

C. Body

C.01 Garments (clothing, shoes, underwear, hosiery, haberdashery,…)
C.02 Health care (OTC, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, optical, toilet paper, tissues, feminine hygiene, diapers etc.)
C.03 Body care (soaps, bath & shower products, deodorants, dental products, hair care, shaving, sun protection, hand and foot care etc.)
C.04 Beauty (perfumes, cosmetics, make-up, body decoration etc.)
C.05 Distributors'/Retailers' own brands/Private labels
C.06 Conceptual work (Body)

D. Other markets

D.01 Household maintenance (detergents, cleaning products and utensils, batteries, light bulbs etc.)
D.02 Home improvement (objects, accessories and decoration of the house, paintings, tools, DIY, gardening, etc.).
D.03 Electronic (computers, printers, consumables, software etc.)
D.04 Non-electronic (paper, writing materials, stationery etc.)
D.05 Automobile products (additives, oils, car care, spare parts etc.)
D.06 B2B products (all types of business)
D.07 Packaging Brand Identity Programmes
D.08 Pet Products (food and accessories)
D.09 Entertainment (sport, music, photography, phones, games, toys etc.)
D.10 Tobacco and products for smokers
D.11 Self-promotion
D.12 Distributors'/Retailers' own brands/Private labels
D.13 Baby Food & products for babies
D.14 Conceptual work (Other markets)

E. Luxury

E.01 Perfumes
E.02 Make-up, Body care, beauty products...
E.03 Spirits
E.04 Fine wines, champagne
E.05 Casks, Cases, Gift boxes, Ice buckets, pedestal, glorifiers... (branded)
E.06 Gourmet food
E.07 Jewellery, watches, fashion garments
E.08 Limited editions, limited series, event creations.
E.09 Distributors'/Retailers' own brands/Private labels
E.10 Conceptual work (Luxury)

F. Sustainable Design - New Category!

F.01 Sustainability (ALL) 
F.02 Conceptual work (Sustainability)

G. Miscellaneous

G.01 Everything which does not come within any of the categories above

Note: The Pentawards jury reserves the right to transfer the work into another, more suitable category than that in which it has been entered. Or to assign the works entered in the ”Miscellaneous” categories to an already existing one, or to create specific ones.