NEW CATEGORY: Sustainable Design


The Pentawards has launched a new Sustainably Design category, to recognise the efforts made by designers, brands and manufacturers who are working hard to create innovative sustainable solutions that optimise the environmental performance of the packaging compared to previous versions or market norms.

Who can enter?

To be eligible for this category the entry must be a packaging project of any type that is designed to optimise the environmental performance of the pack, considering elements such as pack structure, materials used and production methods.

What is the jury looking for?

The jury is looking for evidence that the new packaging design has led to a quantifiable impact on its sustainability credentials, with evidence (facts and figures).
Many aspects of a pack’s design can help improve its sustainability performance, so judges will be looking at a range of aspects for the packs including:


How does the structural design of the pack optimise its environmental impact?

How does the choice of materials add to its sustainability performance?

Does the pack perform better in the supply chain from a sustainability standpoint?

Does the pack reduce product damage or waste?

How does the pack’s design help to optimise its end-of-life performance?

Is there anything in the pack’s manufacturing process that helps improve its sustainability credentials?