EXPO 10/10

... for the 10/10 Pentawards EXPO at ALL4PACK in Paris

From the 14th to the 17th November 2016, an exclusive exhibition was held during the ALL4PACK Show in Paris for the 10th anniversary of the Pentawards.

The Pentawards exhibited 100 outstanding packagings selected from the 11,000 packagings having taken part in this international competition since its creation. This competition is dedicated solely to packaging design in all its forms.

Spread across 10 categories, each presenting 10 packagings, this astonishing exhibition opened its doors to nearly 3,000 visitors, designers, brand owners, packaging producers and students.

A contest was organised which allowed everyone to choose their favourite packaging in each category. No fewer than 1512 voting cards were filled in and every two hours one of them was drawn, the lucky winners receiving a copy of "The Package Design Book-Pentawards" published by Taschen.

At the end of the show, the participant who selected the packages chosen by all the participants received a case of 6 bottles of champagne. Mr Eric Ambrozic from Fuji Seal Europe won this prize. Congratulations to him for the quality of his selection.

Discover here the 10 favourite packagings selected by visitors at ALL4PACK.

The launch of the 4th book devoted to the winners of the Pentawards, published by Taschen, took place on Tuesday 15th November. Every two years since 2010, Taschen has published what has become the bible for lovers of packaging design. "The Package Design Book" brings together the winners of two consecutive years of the Pentawards competition.